Het repertoire van The Rowan Tree Dancers

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THE BEES OF MAGGIEKNOCKATER, 4C, J32 (Drewry, Canadian Bk#2)

1C cross RH, cast off (2C up); 1C+3C RH across, finish as pairs 1M+3L & 3M+1L facing out on L/M side in prom. hold/ pairs+2C+4C RSh ½ Reel of 3 on sides; pairs meet & taking ptn in prom. hold LSh ½ Reels of 3 on sides/ meet and repeat (as pairs RSh ½ Reels of 3 with ptn LSh ½ Reels of 3)/ 1C (passing inside) turn 3C 1½ NH; 1C cross and passing inside turn 4C NH 1½ (to 2, 3, 4, 1)/ 2C+4C LH across in the middle; dance out passing same sex standing dancer on the side RSh and chase (M leading) to 1pl-3pl (to 2, 3, 4, 1).


1C (+3C) ½ turn RH moving down 1 place (2C+4C step up) and set, cross over LH and cast left 1 place to face 1st corner / all RSh Reels across (to diag.line of 4 with RH to 1st corner) / set and ½ turn RH, repeat / 2nd corner "pass and turn RH", 1C (+3C) continue turning RH and cast off 1 place (4C+5C step up).

CULLA BAY, 4C square, S32 (Dix, Bk41#2)

1C+3C ½ turn RH opposite and cast pulling RSh back into opp. place, 2C+4C repeat the figure while 1C+3C ¼ chase cl.w. and dance into the centre passing them RSh / RSh Reels of 4 across / 4C+3C and 1C+2C circle 4H to left, set and ½ RH across / 4C+2C LH across, dance out passing standing person RSh and ¼ chase cl.w.

MAIRI'S WEDDING, 3C, R40 (Cosh, 22 SCD#4)

1C turn RH and cast off 1 place (2C up), 1C turn LH / 1C+1st corners ½ RSh Reels of 4, repeat with 2nd corners / repeat / 2C+1L and 1M+3C LSh Reels of 3 across / 2C+1C+3C circle 6H to left and back.

THE MINISTER ON THE LOCH, 3C, R32 (Goldring, 24 Graded & Soc. #15)

1C+2C Poussette/ 1C dance down 2 places, turn RH; dance up 2 places, turn BH and face out/ 1C+3C dbl. fig. of 8 round 2C, 1C casting, 3C crossing up to begin, 1C finish facing out for/ 1L+2L & 1M+2M turn 1½ (NH); 1C+3C repeat (NH).


1C set and cast off (2C up); 1C+3C dance up and cast round 2C/ 1C+4C+5C Reels of 3 on side (1C start crossing down)/ 2C+3C+1C Reels of 3 on sides (1C start crossing back up)/ 1C set and cast off (4C up); 1C+5C dance up and cast round 4C (2, 3, 4, 5, 1).

PELORUS JACK, 3C, J32 (Skelton, Bk 41#1)

1C cross over RH and cast off 1 place (2C up), 1C+3C RH across / 1M followed by ptn ½ diag. Reel of 3 starting RSh to 3L (after 2 bars 1L takes lead), 1L followed by ptn ½ diag. Reel of 3 starting RSh to 2L (after 2 bars 1M takes lead) / continue pattern / 2C+1C LH across, 1C ½ turn LH and 2C+1C+3C set.

A TRIP TO BAVARIA 4C, R32 (Brown, Collins p249)

1C+4C cross RH while 2C+3C ½ RH across; all give LH to corners and half turn; repeat from new positions/ repeat twice from new positions, finish (1, 2, 3, 4) 1C facing down, the others up/ 1C set to 2C; cross down to face 3C (2C dance up); 1C+3C repeat/ 1C+4C repeat; 2C+3C+4C+1C advance, 1C fast turn BH to change sides; all retire.